How to Escape From The Black Alley iPhone

Read thses tricks to pass each level in the black alley game on ios android
Main Hall
Look down on map for HINT that is colors
Note compass direction that is arrow points up = Nc. back up, open the door and enter

The Black Alley Cheats

Wall Hole
Note red 8
Look into hole
Note red 2 which is mirrored
Note KEY on door
Go back twice to open the door and go to all doors heading TO main hall to have a back slash line from the diamond pattern on them

Main Hall
Open the door in front of you then enter

Note: BOX that needs red 4-digit-code
Turn into the right
Note locked door
Turn right again
Take UMBRELLA from door handle
Open door to go back in hall and turn left

Main Hall
Take ROD-1/2 right of the door
Open the door to go through then note: red 6
Go back to hall to open door in front of you then enter

Solve PUZZLE on screen for CIRCLE KEY from CPU by just click middle of shape at the end
Go to left to open the door with the round key and go through the corridor till another locked door
Use pencil on door that is on handle
Remember to another key in another door
Go down and take ROD-2/2 in corridor
Go back by yellow arrow to go through the door, turn right then through -door in hall

Main Hall
Turn into the right then enter the door

Wall Hole
Take DIAMOND KEY fallen on floor under door with umbrella as you used pencil from the other side
Go back twice, through -door in hall and door in front of you

Turn into the right
Open the door with diamond key to enter corridor
Take white CANVAS on wall
Go further in corridor that is in yellow arrow and go through the door
Take black SQUARE in front of you
Use pencil on square to have a MAP with HINT that is number order
Turn the right and note: red 4
Look up and use umbrella on LADDER
Look down and take CROSS KEY from floor
Climb up ladder and you need a bridge or similar around corner in yellow arrow to seek.
Go back around the corner and take LADDER STEPS at the end of balcony
Climb down ladder go back and turn twice to left or right
Open golden CUPBOARD with cross key for SCREWDRIVER
Go left, through door, corridor, door then turn the righto.
Open the box according numbers and map hint for BOX with SCREWS then click rectangular button above display at the end
Go back, right, door, corridor, door right, ladder up till the end of

Build a BRIDGE by adding screws on collected stuff in the rods, canvas, steps and use SD
Put bridge over GAP and go to the other side
Take TRIANGLE KEY from wall
All the way back in the hall, turn right to enter door

Turn the left
Go through the door and the corridor
Open the door with triangle key and enter then turn the right

Take a look then turn twice left or right to see a red 5 with Q.E.D.
Face door again
Look at each key and note NUMBERS
Put CODE in the shapes on door
Click the door to escape
If you cannot get all of the codes see: Solutions/Spoilers to have hints

Colors on map in hall North up:- O -Y R- R –
Screen North to the left:- E -N S- W — gives:- R -o R- Y –
Click letters on screen:- 3 -2 3- 1 –

Red numbers on walls according to map, from start screen in hall: West: 4 -> go South twice left or right, door around tables, East/right, door, South/right in corridor, door and West/right
North: 8 -> go the door of North/forward
North: 5 mirrored 2 -> go North/forward in 8 and look through hole
West: 6 -> go West/left & thru door
Gives code: 4-8-5-6

Look at the door: cross-triangle-circle-diamond
Numbers on keys in the same shape order: 4-7-3-9

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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