How to Escape from The Room in 100 Missions Level 4 on iPhone

Tricks to beat 100 missions level 4 escaping from the guard the room game
Green container area in 100 missions level 4
Look and explore green container in front of you
And take the large anchor in front of it.

game 100 Missions all Level

Pillar area in 100 mission level 4
Go right and tap the white poles
Take a look around to the white pillars heap
Find a metal stick then take it.

Get wrench around drums area in 100 missions level 4
Then go back to chemical drums.
Tap the barrels
Take the wrench on white drum
Take also the heavy drum or barrel to the left of the white one

The action game time to beat the guard
Go to the guard then hit him with metal stick
Tap him then pick matches from the guard pocket

Get crowbar and bucket around green container
Go to the ladder beside machine and brown door.
Use it on the green container.
Tap it to climb up and pick up the crowbar and the bucket.
Search to find and pick the chains

Solve 2 cogs inside big machine in 100 missions level 4
Go back to big machine beside stairs
Tap the big stairs.
Pick up the metal chains.
Open it to find see 2 cogs.
Try to jam it with the chains
Take the left in blue one
Take out the screws with wrench

Get newspaper in 100 missions level 4
From the machine go to the left to find stair beside white door
Take the ladder then put it to green container then climb it
Tap the boxes on the stairs.
Pick up one newspaper from the box and one box with last crate or top crate from the stairs.
On top of container, take the two items that are crowbar and bucket

Turn cogs in 100 missions level 4
Go to right of white doors to find brown structure.
Go back to the guard area and tap the yellow machine near the stairs.
Tap it until seeing some cogs moving. There are 3 cogs but there is 1 with empty spot then put your cog there and do not forget to screw it
Use the chain on the cogs to stop them and pick up the small cog.
Then use the wrench on the screws to pick up the cogs.
Go back and tap the brown thing near the white door.
Use the cog on the empty place and also put in the screws.
The cogs mechanism will start to move.

Find the fishing net and the hook in 100 missions level 4
Put and use the crowbar to pull the lever in the right beside 3 cogs of the spinning cogs till hearing a sound.
Then put the net
Take the fishing net on the ground below the hook in submarine area.
Go to the left and zoom the net closely
Place crate, anchor, and chemical drum then tap the net to place the fishing net under the hook by selecting the net in the inventory and tap the ground under the hook.
Go to the left to reach the buttons box like the controller thing on the column to the left and tap the up button in black one
And see that the hook got the fishing net up.

Escape from the room in 100 missions level 4
Inside the inventory just drag to mix newspaper in the bucket, then put it on the ground under the fishing net.
Now use your matches to burn the newspaper in the bucket.
That action will ignite a fire in order to make the guards come out.
Quickly press the controller thing again then push red button in emergency release

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