How to Collect Gem in Eternity Warriors 3 iPhone

Eternity Warriors 3 will offer three main characters that you can select to explore every area in this game
You can play as The Barbarian as he is the strongest one a and the best for those who like hack-and-slash action with a good sense of range and durability.

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Moreover, he is armed with his sword that can hit multiple enemies at once
Besides, he can also level up super attacks, like having a rush ability or a multi-hit flaming sword attack in which it will deliver out damage to larger bosses.

If you like long range attacker, you can play as the Mage
She will show you how to perform distant attacks with her magic to hit multiple enemies at once.
With her, you can also combine attacks to put together some very effective combos.

On the other words, she also performs pretty much fast-paced action, swiftly and promptly
With her skills, she can make you easily dodge any attack coming from whatever directions because she can use long-ranged attack to attack enemies and protect herself with magical shield to shadow her to a long distance away from enemies.

For those who like martial arts, you can try playing this game with the Monk in which he is raised in a monastery in Pom’lai and trained to cultivate his eternal energies for use in battle.
His blue skin is said to be the result of demonic ancestry and he can really deliver the hits.

He is also equipped with a pair of blades attached to his hands, that can be used together to some great slash combos, and has the ability to knock enemies back.
He can also dodge which is useful during fights with bigger enemies especially for the bosses.

Before starting a Guild in this game, you need to be at Level 5 with your hero to have 1000 GS coins which are earned in battle.
After making progress through the game, you will have the ability to learn new skills, such as the Warrior’s dash attack or multi-hit sword technique.

For such reasons, just go into the Skills sub-menu to unlock skills and you will see what skills are available to each of your characters.
Unlocking those skill will require a certain amount of gems or coins that you can earn from every mission you have accomplished successfully

In the way of gathering coins and gems, you can do it from your missions in which you will pick up various loot over the course of battle.
In line with this, these loot mostly come from boss enemies, and smaller foes that you have defeated later on in the game.

And, with coins or gems, you can use them to earn new goods, some of which rank as Rare, Epic or Legendary whereby these items can really help out in battle.

On the other side, you can also collect some items through the battle whereby they can be forged to make your weapon stronger, capable of bringing down enemies quicker.

So combine with your main weapons and evolve them to a higher level, with more XP and hit power such as the Warrior’s Brutal Sword of the Butcher including armor pieces as well as other secondary items.

In the beginning of the game, you will be given an offering for free that is appeasing to the Iron God to win a random item, such as a piece of armor or gold.

Thus, simply watch out for freebie giveaways and stick with the Iron God because you can win Rare items and get more kills in battle and you can earn more currency to go towards the Silver God or God of Gold in this game.

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