How to Collect Ether Energy Point Cheats in Edge of Twilight Athyr Above iPhone

In edge of twilight athyr above game, you will fight and try to beat enemies to get Energy points, that can be spent at stations throughout the game.
You can use them to level up your character, weapons, and abilities needed in this RPG.

edge of twilight athyr above

Moreover you will also get ether from the enemies you have beaten in the battle
Therefore you can use it to level up your abilities for the next battle
In addition you can also upgrade your attack power with this ether

You will have a hard duty of destroying a number of magical artifacts that might just destroy both worlds, in that Lex embarks on an adventure serving as an excellent argument for virtual on-screen controls.

You need to tap the screen to attack an enemy so that a gear-like graphic encircles the enemies.
Then you rub at the enemy to launch Lex at it and to do damage, you need to stop rubbing right before Lex lands a blow.

Touch the screen to move your character and touch with another finger to make a jump.
Just attack enemies by holding down your finger and swiping them until they are all dead and the magical walls keeping your from progressing disappear.
Make some combos by lifting your finger and then re-touch with perfect timing.

You will take a role as Lex with the power to transcend between the World of Night and the World of Day.
On the other word Lex is the only person who can be crossing over from one world to the next, seeks a way to save the rotting planet.
And strategic choices as to when to enter which world will help you solve puzzles and defeat opponents.

In Day Lex will be the strong with axegun to cut, shoot, and burn your way through your enemies.
Do the action in the right time to deliver your attacks for extra damage.
In the Night Lex will be the sleek, magical, speedy Lithern-infused version of Lex who will evade and outwit your enemies with intelligence and agility then mold portals of Ether into which you throw your opponents.

Customizable skill system you can develop Lex’s skills and redistribute his skill points at any of the Equalizers throughout the world.
You can focus on long-range attacks and magic while using your speed to confound and outwit your foes

In your journey you will make your way through crags, quarries, caves, temples, and cliffs as you fight your way to the hidden Ether Core located at the top of the Selann Mountain Range.

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