Golden Booster Cheats Etherlords on iPhone

Etherlords from nival is a psuedo-card battling RPG, where your creatures are grouped by rarity.
This rarity will include common creatures are the greatest in number, but they are pretty the least powerful.

etherlords tips

There is uncommon heroes which are more powerful and more rare but still common.
And rare ones are fairly hard to find and are quite strong.
Then superior and legendary creatures are few and very far between, and are far far superior to whatever else is out there.
In this game, you can find uncommon creatures in all of the same ways that common ones can, that is just in a lower number.

Later on, when you complete quests, you will usually get a few creatures as a bonus.
At this point, there is generally about a 1 in 10 chance of earning an uncommon creature, as opposed to a common one
Thus, just check your list of characters to see the rarity which is denoted by a letter in the upper right corner of the card.

Whenever you use matter to build something quest related, such as a lake or a glade, you’ll earn a bonus creature for that, too.
There is about an observed 1 in 100 chance of earning a rare creature this same way, for non-event missions. However, the chances tend to increase the further along into the game you go. As far as earning legendary and superior creatures from non-event quests, it’s VERY uncommon for this to happen.

Along the game, you should buy booster packs in the store for some good cards.
A silver booster will provide you either uncommon, rare or superior cards, in which every booster card where you do not earn a superior card, will give you a better and better chance of earning a superior.

Having a valiant booster will earn you either an uncommon, a rare, a superior, or a legendary hero
Moreover, each subsequent purchase will have a higher chance at earning you a legendary hero.

On the other side, purchasing premium valiant booster and the premium silver booster will come to the same thing as they will earn you either a rare, superior, or legendary one
And, every subsequent purchase will provide you a better chance at a legendary.

Also, the golden booster will do the same thing as the two premium boosters.
Meanwhile, premium golden booster earns you either a rare, a superior or a legendary with the highest possible chance at earning a legendary creature.

In addition, you can also try playing this game in the limited time event dungeons in which it will give you the best chance at earning limited edition rare, superior and legendary creatures.

In order to get to them, just go to the main map screen and tap the icon in the lower left corner to see what the current event dungeons are.
Here, you can get all the way through and defeat the boss character or put the right structures together for a good chance at this creature.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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