How to Collect Hearts and Wyvernite Armors in Every Hero iPhone

When playing every hero game, you can play in some characters, each with special skills for each so you can take a time to get used to and to practice in order to achieve a better time on each stage.

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On the other word, they are armed with special hats that will be ten at first that will transform them into special characters, each with their own particular specialty.

So just try coordinating multiple heroes on a screen, changing their abilities so that they compliment one another especially for two-character battles such as a Bombadier for close-range and Archer for long-distance fighting that you will need in every stage.

You will initially play as The Knight that is your basic assault character in that you can use him to attack enemies on level ground.
When approaching a Dragon as a Knight, they will befriend you so that you can make a jump ahead and a shoot of flames at monsters from a distance.

As being The Oceaneer will make you a defenseless character, as you can just swim fast through the ocean.
For such reasons, when facing a dangerous enemy, you will either need one of their allies – like the knife-carrying Scarfish – or you will need to switch to a basic assault character, the Knight.

Note that if you sink too deep, you will lose some health anyway.
Therefore just switch back to the Oceaneer once the enemies are out of the way so that you can reach the shore.

Swapping the character as The Wizard will be good at attacking certain magical enemies and you can use them to activate machines that will help you get through later stages in the game.

Being The Ninja will give you a skill of throwing stars that can be hurled towards distant enemies.
And they will be great at getting into locked doors and boxes, and can also run past treacherous traps.

Becoming The Guardian will make you a defensive character in that you can use it to deflect cannonballs and flames from turrets, as well as overhead attacks.

Switching to The Hawk Knight can make you jump up to higher ledges that are out of reach for other characters.
By using this hero, you can also find hidden areas this way, where pieces of the Wyvernite Armor is located in stage.

And trying to be The Lancer will make you hop over fields of spikes which will do damage to characters, and can also team up with Froggua, an enormous frog capable of getting over patches of quicksand, and taking out fire-breathing enemies.

Try to be The Bombadier to hurl bombs to defeat regular and Stone enemies whereby they can also get through stone walls and platforms, opening up new areas to be accessed for later move.

You can also be The Blacksmith with a hammer to get through chained doors and boxes, as well as beating armored foes.
Moreover, you can be befriending beasts that can eat demon plants, that you will find in later levels.

Finally, if you like long range attack, the Archer will be great to select as they are capable of shooting enemies out of the sky and from a distance, due to their handy firing range whereby they can also trigger traps that would otherwise spell doom in close proximity

In the way of your journey, you will have to discover all-important Wyvernite Armor to beat the final boss.
Use the Hawk Knight to get to Fragment 1 in World 1, Stage 5, on the upper path.

Then go uphill and use the Hawk Knight to reach the upper platform of Fragment 2 in World 2, Stage 3.
By doing so your hero will automatically go up to collect the piece of them.

In order to find Fragment 3 in World 3, Stage 1, you will need to go to a lower platform to pick up the piece of them.
There you will see a sign prompting you to jump with the Hawk Knight.

After getting fragment 3 you will have to take the highest path with the Oceaneer, riding up those water geysers with ease to get to Fragment 4 is in World 4, Stage 4.

And Fragment 5 can be found in World 5, Stage 9.
So all you have to do is to leave the top tower and fly with the Griffacores, then drop down when seeing the armor come into view on screen

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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