Lives Keys Cheats Everyday Spelunker for iPhone

In everyday spelunker full episodes game, you must try to find three keys to get gold in each stage.
Those keys are usually located on smaller parts of the cave or just hidden in a deep catacomb that are guarded by the bat or the ghost which will be your enemies along the game.

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So just go down and get them, but you should have the “unlimited lives” option turned on to enable them.
You will be equipped with the dispersal gun as your main weapon in that it is to disperse ghosts when exploring the cave.

When getting to the cave, you will see and hear warnings when they are on screen, it means they have smelled your scent as it is indicated by a spooky theme and a change in the background.

Before they are closely to get where you are, simply activate your dispersal device to slowly break up then keep it turned on before they can touch you and take one of your precious lives.

In order to eliminate the enemies, you can use bombs which you can find scattered throughout each level, so pick them up whenever you see them along the stage.

You will also be equipped with a limited amount of flares, so use them when you want to temporarily distract a bat that’s flying overhead and dropping poop on you.

Note that when using a flare, a small beam of light will come dropping down and it lasts a few seconds, and if you touch it you will be dead so that only use this opportunity to sneak past the area where the bat usually is.

Use the ropes to climb the cave but remember as you can bump your head on the ceiling that will take you out of range of the next one and it costs you a life.

Moreover turning on “rope assist” will enable you to grab the ropes more easily, so you will not hit your head on the ceiling, as you will miss ropes and ladders before activating that option.

Except turning on rope assist, you can also turn on “unlimited lives” option that can help you when having your journey throughout the game

However turning on “unlimited lives” will not solve all of your problems, as you will only regenerate from the last point that you collected treasure from, and you will have to struggle through dangerous areas again as in the beginning.

When playing this game, you will be lead to some episodes which test your skills indeed
In Episode 2, Deep Into Another Mine, it gives you a fresh set of challenging new levels to take on.

While in Episode 3, New Challenges, it will feature a variety of stages that will challenge your platforming skills.

To get through this game successfully, you must watch out for pits as rock formations with hollow space underneath will crumble away at any second, whereby you have to step on it lively.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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