Biodiesel Cheats in Evolution Battle for Utopia iPhone

When playing evolution battle for utopia game, you must build construction as fast as possible
In line with this, you can speed the process of the construction

evolution battle for utopia tips

Firstly, just set the time ahead for an hour or so till you think it will finish the construction or research, or whatever you are working on.
Afterwards, you can go back to the game so that you will get the construction completed instantly.

On the other side, you can also apply the above trick when you need recover your health
After having through some battle int his game, you will have to recover your health asap so that you can continue adventuring each area.

Therefore, all you will do is simply to sit back and let your health recover before going into a tough battle and more missions.
If you get reward bonus, it will take a time to claim it
However, you cannot apply the time trick to speed up the process of the bonus coming to you right away
as your resource collection.

In line with this, whenever you collect an item, just clear a blue anomaly
Or, if you earn a reward, you will not have to tap it and you merely wait for it for about fifteen seconds so that you will automatically collect it without having to tap around.

During in the battle, when reloading time is in process, just tap to stop the slider slightly before the wide white area or the damage bonus area, because the game’s collection or tap detection is somewhat delayed.
That is why you must tap a split second early and you will stop it on time.

When going to the battle, you should focus on that which does the most damage to your character such as some enemies with grenades.
Note that the powerful enemy attacks are your top priority, even over reload bonuses and enemies aiming at you.

Meanwhile, if you want to take a defensive approach to battle, you can hide behind a shield along the time, while letting your pet shoot at the enemies
At this point, just sit there, while catching grenades so that you will take no damage at all.

If you get to solve puzzles in the game, you must pay close attention to what you have to do.
Later on, you have to memorize numbers, expect them to flutter around.

And if you have to connect various colored dots together, you can map out a plan before you begin and get the shortest lines done first.
Furthermore, with the story puzzles, you can place the biggest pieces first to make it easier to solve.

Anyway, you still need to get unlimited tries to solve it
According to this, try to keep putting pieces down until you find something that solves that riddle.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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