How to Earn Coins Magnet Power ups in Evolution Highway for iPhone

Inevolution highway prisma game, all you will do is to find some coins by playing the vortex mini-game in which you can find the coins which are hidden in one of three vortexes that appear on the screen.

evolution highway tips

When playing this mode, you will need your concentration to keep track of which vortex holds the coins, so you must try guessing which one is holding the coins then add them to your collection.

Furthermore, the challenges are pre-set goals for each stage and every of them will give you rewards with a bunch of coin bonus.
As a result, if you collect 500 coins in one run, you will get an extra 15,000 coins.
So try to focus on any instructions you are given, and try to complete them whenever you can.

In the way of collecting coins is by using the Coins Magnet power-up
Thus, by picking this up, you will immediately draw any coins in your vicinity towards your character.

Meanwhile, collecting “B-O-N-U-S” letters in this game will guide you to get them
These letters will appear floating near the top part of the screen so that if you can jump up and collect them, you will eventually spell out the word “B-O-N-U-S,” that will take you to a vortex mini-game.
As you know earlier, playing in the vortex mini game will be the path to gather coins

Once collecting enough coins, you can unlock alternative outfits for your male and female characters, including Santa Claus, Evo Police Department, Clownie, Zombielicious and the others ones.

This game provides three different types of dinosaurs such as green, red and blue.
Green dinosaur, like pterodactyls, can be jumped on if you want to earn a coin bonus
However, try avoiding to run into them directly while you walk.
In line with this, you can take them out from the air.

When meeting the red dinosaur, you will want to jump over these or go to a lower platform to avoid them in that they will not take any sort of damage though.

And, blue dinosaurs are the largest ones so you will not avoid them by simply jumping.
According to this, you will want to move to a higher or lower platform to get out of their way.

Besides dinosaurs, you will meet time vortexes that will have to be beaten as well.
When seeing these vortexes, try to move to a higher or lower platform in order to get away from them.

At one time, you may also see fiery rocks come crashing down from the sky so that you must jump when one gets ready to crash on you,
Then you will soar right over it, and continue your run unharmed forwarding to the next stunt.

Using the Viking Helmet power-up will temporarily protect you from enemies of all colors.
You must also stay alert of its meter though, because once time runs out you will be vulnerable again.

On the other side, having the Time Machine power-up slows down time for a few seconds while you keep full control of your character whereby it will allow you to jump better, and collect more coins in the process.

The Tesla power-up zaps any enemies in green, red or blue that get within your range.
Thus make sure you have enough time left on your meter before you go charging into an enemy though.

And if you want to be protected from taking any damage at all in a stage, just use the Shield power-up.
In addition, the Rocket power-up will boost you further into your run and it will plow you right through anything lying in your path.

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