How to Evolve 3 Stars Cards in Deity Wars on iPhone

In Deity Wars, you must learn how to build the best deck of cards including N, NN, R, RR, SR, SSR and LR ranks, complete all of the quests, get as many rare cards as you can, and evolve your cards to their most powerful forms.

deity wars card tricks

Try to beat the boss at the end of a quest round to get one God Breath CP ticket in order to open one legend card packs that have the highest chance of earning you the super-rare and legend cards.

Open the normal cards packs by using your Yell CP to have an outside shot of earning you a 3 or 4 star card.
Always keep opening card packs until you get a rare card out of one.

Try to get multiples of the same 2-star as NN cards then evolve one of them three times, using the other three as ingredient cards in order to turn it into a 3-star rare card as well.

Always keep in mind as every card has four levels of evolution.
Evolve a 3-star R card three times to become an RR card and evolving one RR card three times to become an SR card.

Always trying to beat raid bosses to get rare raid card packs and to have a higher chance of getting both rare and super rare cards.
Get also Kujata cards to enhance RR cards.

Just log into the game daily to get a new stamp from Kujata on your login stamp sheet.
Wait for every fifth day to get a rare card as a reward on the stamp sheet
Try to complete the entire stamp sheet to earn a super rare card as well.

Try to play the game longer to get the more rare card packs that you can get from the stamp sheet.
Always increase your overall ranking in PvP or player vs player battles and guild wars in order to have a chance to earn rare card packs.

Try to go to the market tap to look for someone auctioning off a rare card.
Try to do exchange your items such as battle elixirs and life elixirs with a rare or super rare card they put on auction in the market.

Try to take part in as many of events as possible at my page to have the chance to get a huge rewards from the community.
These rewards includes either rare cards, or premium items such as elixirs or materials that you can either trade or exchange for rare cards to other players.

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