How to Evolve Rare Cards Contract in NFL Matchups iPhone

When playing nfl matchups game, you can try to gather up bonus rare cards with trading between you and another player

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In order to get more cards you can use the other cards that you get, and other duplicate rare cards so that you will have a trade bait to trade with other players for other rare cards.

Furthermore, set good package deals by saving up other bonuses that you earn including card vouchers and trade tickets, or players who have been powered up to their max levels
By doing so you can very easily end up with a hugely powerful team just by smart trading.

In the beginning of the game you will start off with weak players but you have to try to be the caliber of players with more rare cards by evolving them.
Once getting those cards you can do and evolving process between one and another card

Note that to figure out which cards that can be evolved can, you have to look at the bottom right corner of the card where it shows one football.

If there is a card with an embossed space that looks like a football shape next to it, you can evolve it with an identical card.
This card usually is 2-star and above cards that can be evolved.

Remember that only the two star cards that will be the best source of evolving them in which you can get those two cards as bonuses from each of the different stages that you play

Moreover, these are one of the fastest ways to rapidly strengthen your team.
So get two of each two star card that you earn against every team
Afterward you have to evolve them together to be added to your team.

You have to go to your formations and auto set the cards once getting a bunch of new player cards that contain 2 or more stars earned from silver or gold contracts.

Then you will have to set your cards into three different formations each for offense and defense
On the other side, the stats will be higher for one formation depending on which cards are the best, and the best formation will change each time you get new cards

For such reason, you must check the stats bonus with all three of the formations each time that you reset them.

The goal of playing this game is to create the most powerful deck with the most powerful cards on your squad and play against the finest existing teams in the NFL.

Join PVP League to compete against other real players online while making strategies with a choice of formations, card selection and real half-time adjustments

After creating the most powerful players, train them to get some experiences then evolve them to unlock special skills and reach the highest ranked players with some exclusive prizes

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