Clover Badges Cheats Exodus Neclace of Heavens on iPhone

In exodus neclace of heavens pixonic game, you will take a role as a warrior who gets assigned to save the world where some frontier worlds of the Riviere began to suffer from attacks of strange beings called the Transformation Army that is created by the renegade deity Karin.

exodus neclace of heavens guides

You will struggle to fight against him and his minion, as his creatures are cruel and merciless whereby they will make every one in Riviere to join the invasion army as being his ally.

In this game, thousands of planets are inhabited by an incredible variety of beings in which it will get all joined by a network of magical portals.
On the other side, the powerful Deity Council is struggling to maintenance peace and harmony in the world of Riviere.

And as going for further of this game, you will meet the threat was becoming more and more menacing so that you and the Deities were forced to send throngs of refugees across the Riviere to the worlds yet untouched by them.
For such reasons, you will help those populations find the shelters that are safe for the refugees from all over the Riviere.

At this point, you are the hope of all people to stop the plague of Transformation and to find a secure shelter and seal it by destroying the portal network between worlds.

Thus, join this game and to be the greatest warriors who can seal the portal forever and fight against the Transformation army throughout the game and bring peace back.

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