Gems Coins Cheats Explorers of The Lost World iPhone

In explorers of the lost world game, you will have a team of four explorers introducing the curious Professor, the insatiable Adventurer, the wise Doctor and the fearless Big Game Hunter in discovering the secrets of civilizations

explorers of the lost world guides

Each of those explorers endowed with specific skills and personalities in which players will have an objective of reuniting the lost civilizations to build an adventurer`s utopia.
So start to discover the mystery of the lost world in the explorers of the lost world game

In order to improve their exploring and fighting skills you will have to level up those characters first.
So you have to gather your team of explorers with each of unique skills to complete some objectives in each quest that will challenge your explorers

You have to upgrade your characters to boost their exploring skills such as doing the first aid by reviving the other characters to get them come to life again.

When having journey to accomplish the objective your explorers will meet hundred of different quests to be completed Besides each quest in this game may vary through the game and you have to try completing each to get some items including gems

Try to unlock the islands secrets to collect some resources and the others items for your explorers
Your explorers team must penetrate a foreboding jungle to unlock the islands secrets and find resources such as food and fruit or even vegetables.

By doing so you will gather resources, forge alliances and acquire skills to build up your settlement and uncover the islands riches

After building a settlement, you can lead your explorers to unravel the island’s fascinating mysteries such as the remains of ancient civilizations, fossilized dinosaurs, mysterious markings or even UFOs.

By having found new discovery you will get a new technology that will enable players to expand their settlement.

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