Coins Cheats F1 Race Stars on iPhone

Playing this kart racing game will allow you to drive around a number of fantasy tracks, utilizing power-ups, upgrades and collecting coins, then you will take on competitive drivers in various two-lap race events and try to hit the finish line first.

f1 race stars tips

Along the way, you will be able to pick up coins so you can buy more chances at upgrades, as well as unlocking certain drivers in the F1 fold.
Power-up squares and booster pads are also available, which can help give you an advantage with each race, whether it is trapping someone in a temporary bubble whereby you will be shooting backwards or forwards or speeding ahead to take someone’s first place victory.
Just remember to use power drifts in order to fill your boost meter, and look for shortcuts as well

Over the course of each race, you will be assigned to complete objectives, like earning coins and completing a certain amount of drifting.
By doing this, you will earn spins on a slot machine that will award you with upgrades, ranging from a speed boost to a coin multiplier, which you can apply in the driver menu.

Sometimes, you will spend some coins and gems, which you can earn over each race for rarer upgrades.
Meanwhile, you will need to get special red Legendary upgrade that will further give you an overall performance boost.

Moreover, you can also enhance your selection of upgrades by leveling up.
So just keep racing and you will see how much more you rank up after each one as well as gaining XP.

Anyway, if you take damage from power-ups or hit other drivers, you will see a small ding taken out of your health bar, which is in the upper right corner.

In line with this, if that runs out you lose the race.
For such reasons, before the checkpoint at the start of each race, you will notice a pit stop lane.
Then, you have to run through this in order to replenish your health instantly.

Furthermore, you will be able to unlock new drivers after making some progresses through some races
In the way of having new drivers, you will be able to challenge drivers in races The main point is try to win the race, so that you can use them for later races.

To get more fun, you can play as your favourite star or choose from a huge selection of fantasy drivers with their own special abilities such as Robot, Ninja, Wizard, Secret Agent and many more.

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