Gems Coins Cash Cheats Farm Story 2 iPhone

You can get more cash through harvesting your crops and other supporting element in farm story 2 team lava game
Here, you will just make loads of cash through harvesting, baking, and animal husbandry.

farm story 2 tips

Furthermore, you will also get the currency by doing that things around your house
In this game, you take a role as a farm manager who have main tasks to grow crops, raise animals, make delicious food with the ingredients you harvest, then ship it all to stores to earn money cash.

When starting the game, you will be equipped with a small plot to plant some basic crops and raise a few cows and chickens.
Once making progresses and leveling up, you can access more resources, expand your territory, and explore remote parts of your farm.

Icons at the top-left corner of the screen will recommend you important tasks to be completed for having the main currencies, the coins and gems.
You can earn coins by collecting rent from your buildings and making deliveries so that you can use those coins to purchase many items at the market.

And you have to try harder to get gems via a purchase with real money which can be used to purchase rare items at the market, or to speed up processes that take time.

Every time people visit your village and help out, stars will appear above the buildings.
Then you can tap the floating stars in order to collect coins.

Meanwhile, getting jobs going on at your various areas will give you a chance of collecting coins as other players can tap that jobs to help you out and give you coins.

In addition, completing the express shipments will give you more supplies that can help not only for buying new expansions, but for buying pickaxes, shovels and saws, so that you can clear out bushes, trees, and rocks around your farm.

Normally, you have to wait for your crops to be ready to harvest, your mill to produce feed for the cows, chickens and other animals, and for your animals to produce their products, etc.
For such reasons, you can set the time on your phone to few hours ahead or more to get such processes finished instantly.

Afterward, go back to the game and collect everything, then set your time back to normal.
However, if you do not collect everything first, the uncollected items will go back into the waiting period after you set your time back to normal.

In line with that, add more people to be your neighbors and start going to other people’s farms and helping theirs out early on in the game.
Then tap anything with a heart above it like anything sparkly there.

Doing such action will increase your social level
So the higher your social level, the more people will visit your farm, and you will be shown up with higher level on the list of random players.

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