Stars Solutions Cheats in Feed Me Oil 2 for iPhone

Just control oil into designated areas to unlock every level to another feed me oil 2 game
Here, you have to guide the expensive black liquid from the broken pipe to the designated area, so that you will clear each level then unlock the other ones.

feed me oil 2 tips

On the other words, you have to direct oil into a specific section of a given area with the use of such objects as platforms and windmills.
When doing so you should get as much oil as possible to your target in order to complete the level.

In the way of controlling the oil, try to place objects such as rotating platforms, fans, wind, windmills or oil-magnets in its path.
Furthermore, every of these objects pushes or pulls the oil in a different manner, such as flinging it across the screen.
As a result, you will get scores, three stars per level that are based on the number of objects used to help the oil reach its destination.

During the play of each stage, you are tasked with placing various objects on the screen to help guide a stream of oil from a starting faucet and into a finishing area, designated by a dotted white line.

Every object can be rotated and some can be set to turn clockwise or anti-clockwise.
Taping double on the screen will delete the object and you can try to touch the oil pipe and watch the sloppy black goop flow towards your target.
Meanwhile, you will deal with the likes of fans, girders, and oil spout objects that redirect your flow in different directions.

After managing some good placements, just hit a play button to see if your setup worked, adjusting and trying again if your calculations were a little bit off in which these mech-animals from turtles and foxes, to snails and other creatures are pretty hungry whereby you must deliver a numerical amount of oil to each one of them.

Note that sliding one of your digits on a chosen item will move them around the environment and you should know where to place your objects, as well as utilizing their full potential to solve each level.
On other side, try to know how to open up all that oil, so that you can accomplish each stage with a simple tap on the screen.

If you want to complete each stage, you can simply keep playing button over and over again as this will give you an access to eventually win without adjusting a single thing on the game screen.

Every time you accomplish each stage successfully, you will earn three stars in that you can use the least amount of available parts to complete your oil feeding requirements.

Finally, with all your stars you gained from each of your levels, you will be able to access a few hints and tips later on featured on the upper left side of your device.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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