Gils HP Cheats Final Fantasy IV The After Years for iPhone

In final fantasy 4 the after years game, you can participate in a handful of new characters like Ceodore, Cecil and Rosa’s son, and Luca, King Giott’s daughter which have the main duty to defeat regular enemies and bosses.

final fantasy 4 the after years tips

Moreover, you will be equipped with special abilities and weapons that will make you too strong for knocking enemies out with a single blow.
When playing this game, you will be brought to different chapter where the narration is centered around one main character with the final chapters of the game bring the whole cast together as they try to rescue the world once more.

When the battle begins, you will be allowed use regular attacks, special abilities and items when each character turn comes.
You can try the Band option that allows you to use two or more characters to use a powerful combination attack in battle.
Besides, using this option will be useful in certain situations.

When starting to play this game, you will be introduced with an introductory quest called Ceodore’s Tale where you unlock the tales of six additional characters in that you will get you more control over your party during in the battlefield.

Each of the main characters have their own mini story complete with their own cast of characters that lead to the main arc of rescuing the world.
In line with this, you will be able to play unlocked characters in any order then return to the core story where your heroes have some missions to accomplish.

In addition, you will also be allowed to explore every story in which there are a total of ten stories, including ones titled Kain’s Tale, The Lunarian’s Tale and The Crystals that will let you play most of the episodes which you want along the game.

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