Clues to Complete What’s My IQ Cheats All Levels iPhone

Read these tips to solve hat`s my iq level 1 to 50 on ios android
Level 1 Answers is Tap and hold the arrow button then slide to the left.
Level 2 Answers is Tap number 36 in which it is the biggest in size

What’s My IQ Cheats

Level 3 Answers is 5 = 1
Level 4 Answers is Mother
Level 5 Answers is Tap the word Number
Level 6 Answers is 999 is the biggest possible answer.
Level 7 Answers is Left in which it is pointing at the Left button

Level 8 Answers is 7 as all sisters have the same brother
Level 9 Answers is Tap and hold at the sides of the bill and drag sideways.
Level 10 Answers is 0 in which there is no cake or as Portal said it: the cake is a lie
Level 11 Answers is Tilt the phone so each of the arrows are pointing in the direction written on the arrow

Level 12 Answers is None in which the light is not turned on
Level 13 Answers is Tap the words pail and water
Level 14 Answers is Simply hold and swipe the screen until the car is clean
Level 15 Answers is Shake the phone.

Level 16 Answers is Swipe the letter s on arrows because there is just 1!
Level 17 Answers is Here you have to do exactly as instructed
Level 18 Answers is The bottle and the stare should be moved in the corresponding places, then the yellow symbol above the star, it fits perfectly.
Level 19 Answers is Tap the word even then the numbers: 22 and 14
Level 20 Answers is Turn your phone upside down to see which of the pails has water, then tap it.
Level 21 Answers is Brown

Level 22 Answers is Shake the device. Apples fall, which means that there are 6 apples on tree.
Level 23 Answers is The pail in the upper row, middle because it has water in it, as we remember from a previous question
Level 24 Answers is Mary click the name that is in the question
Level 25 Answers is You must first break the bread in two using your fingers then click the $1 and $0.10 buttons to pay.
Level 26 Answers is Simply tap the letter X on the screen

Level 27 Answers is Drag all the stars on the stars word.
Level 28 Answers is First draw the _ to the left up, then tap 9 two times.
Level 29 Answers is Drag the pepper under the word soup, then turn the phone to pepper it.
Level 30 Answers is 8
Level 31 Answers is Drag all the clouds on the cloud in the middle to make the wolf is gone then drag the boy to his home
Level 32 Answers is Drag the no smoking words inside the red circle

Level 33 Answers is Turn the phone with the face down as if you were putting a cap on
Level 34 Answers is First tap the letter s in Likes then the letter S in Mistakes.
Level 35 Answers is 21 in which there are always 21 points on it
Level 36 Answers is Drag north between the first 2 compasses, then tap the first one.
Level 37 Answers is Turn your phone upside down, then drag the dart through them.

Level 38 Answers is Drag the photo frame to the left where the star appears then press the photo button when its in the frame.
Level 39 Answers is Tap and drag the cat from catfish then tap cat.
Level 40 Answers is Move all the campfires one on another, then press them.
Level 41 Answers is Put two fingers on the cloud sides then drag the cloud sideways to destroy it.
Level 42 Answers is Tap the 20 kg weight, then the 10 kg one.
Then tilt your phone slowly to the left to make the top weight go sideways, until the counter shows 25.

Level 43 Answers is Move away the middle top fish, then tap the one under it.
Level 44 Answers is Tap the bell 5 times.
Level 45 Answers is Break the top right cloud in two and tap one of the resulting clouds.
Level 46 Answers is Drag the sun in the corner and press the owl when it appears.

Level 47 Answers is Type it because it is what the final question asks
Level 48 Answers is Tap then hold the Charge button until all batteries are full.
Level 49 Answers is Tap the squares to make them show the following colors, from left to right: red, black, red, black, red, black.
Level 50 Answers is 18

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