More Points Cheats Fish and Shark on iPhone

In More Points Cheats game, you will play as either the good fish or the bad shark, in that each is with different advantages and different challenges afforded to either character that you select.

fish and shark tips

Later on, your main goal is to swim as far as you can and get as many points as you can.
Anyway, when choosing to play as the good fish, the game will go by a whole lot slower.

When jumping will also get slower and easier to control, which comes to much easier to chain combos together in order to get all of the obstacles passed easily.

Playing in this mode will also increase your score faster.
On the other side, when you play as the bad shark, the game goes about twice as fast
And, your jumps and your score will increase at about half the speed.
So it is recommended to play as the good fish for practice first.

If you want to step for further in this game, you have to time your jumps perfectly.
You can either perform a short jump or do a really long Michael Jordanesque half-flight half-jump, based on how long you hold down on the screen when you jump.

However, make sure to let go after you pass it unless there is a short obstacle right behind a long obstacle, so that you can jump over both of them at the same time.

In order to increase your score, all you have to do is to collect the lilypads that tend to sit either right at the top of a jump or right after the obstacle that you are trying to jump over.

Those lilypads are far easier to collect when you play as the good fish.
And if you play as the bad shark, you have to time your jump to be as low as possible in order to collect them fast.

Furthermore, you will go to a new section of the stage when your shark changes directions.
But if you die on the new section, you can hit the play button to start at the section change again.
And if you fail to advance again, you will be moved back one section.

During the game play, the stages never change and when you reach new sections, the game will start placing you at random sections of the stage when you restart.
For such reasons, you have to unlock the new sections to go for more stages.

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