Money Coins Cheats Fishdom 2 HD for iPhone

Fishdom 2 HD is an aquarium game, where you to build up your aquariums using the money that you earn from playing in the match 3 games.
So make more money to collect some rarer fishes, decorations and comfort items that you can purchase.

fishdom 2 hd premium tips

Moreover, you can collect money in the match three games that will describe the number of gold squares, the score bonus that you get and how you finish the stage in the quick time.

In the point number one, the gold square bonuses are always set during the play.
Meanwhile the score bonus is 1 dollar per hundred points, so get the high score for having it.
Then try to finish the stage as quickly as possible in order to earn the most coins possible.

In order to earn cups, you must try to increase your fish score, beauty score, and comfort score that will allow you to unlock more aquariums.
Furthermore, you will have to maximize one of the bars to earn a bronze cup

And increase one more to earn a silver cup
Then increasing all three of them will earn you a gold cup.
If you can earn more cups you can unlock more aquariums.

If you put your fish on the comfort items cost, you can increase the bar higher, so you can raise the bar to the maximum with the minimum space usage possible.
For beauty items will also cost the same, so you just buy enough of them to fill up the bar into maximum.

If getting stuck on a stage, you should make combos in random places, without bothering with any gold squares during the game.
And, you should notice that the whole board will reshuffle if running out of combos occur
Because of this circumstance, it will provide you with brand new combos to knock off the gold squares, or the pieces above the gold squares in this game.

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