Platinum Medals Cheats Flappy Bird for iPhone

When playing flappy bird game, you will play as a cute pixel bird where you touch the screen to flap its wings and you will have to fly it higher with each tap.

flappy bird tips

While flying, you will be assigned to avoid pipes which are randomly generated gaps, and all you have to do is keep the flappy bird away from them.

On the other words, the basic rule of the game is simple whereby you simply keep your bird aloft and guide it between a series of pipes for as long as you can.

If you can pass each pipe safely, you will get one point.
Otherwise, if you hit a pipe or running aground, you will end the game and get to start once more.

Meanwhile, passing through every pipe will be your hard duty in which you will not be equipped with power-ups, and it is just pure, raw, intense tapping.

During your flight, all you will have to do is to aim for the bottom half of the opening in between two pipes before you hit the screen.

Furthermore, it will be easy to avoid the bottom of the pipe than the top of the pipe.
According to this line, you must figure out a time to tap, and tap to a rhythm in your head, even music.

Moreover, when approaching the pipe, tap a little bit faster then let yourself drop between pipes.
Doing all that steps will guide you to pass each pipe successfully

This game will provide you medals as your achievement in which they are bronze, silver, and gold medals in the game.

With 10 points, you will get the bronze medal while 20 points will earn you the silver medal, and 30 points will earn you the gold medal.

Afterward, the medals stop, and you will be brought to beat your highest score, and share what you have got with your friends for bragging rights.

Actually, your goal of this endless ‘flyer’ is a high score, ultimately beating everybody else’s then again your own.

In addition, the player scores one point for every pipe successfully passed and medals are awarded after reaching mystery milestones.

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