How to Gain High Score in Flappy Duck for iPhone

When playing flappy duck game, try to keep your bouncing rhythm when going to bounce your duck off the scenery either mountains or buildings in the background.

flappy duck tips

On the other words, you must help this flappy, brave duck to get across the scary path full of dangerous TNT piles.
Furthermore, when performing your action, you can only deviate from your rhythm if the gaps in the pipes get higher or lower for you to get through.

In order to keep track of how high each jump takes you, you will be able to use the trail of stars behind your duck.
Doing so will allow you to know both how quickly you need to jump into a higher gap, and the angle at which you fall so that you will miss the edges of each pipe.

Note that tapping later, rather than earlier, will be the important thing to make the jump.
It is caused by if you tap too early, you will go higher than you intended and crash then start from the beginning again.

And if you do a late tap, you will still allow fly through the gap if you tap quickly.
At this point, you will not be able to control how fast you fall, otherwise you can control how fast you rise during on the air.

Using the sound of this game will give you something to remind in which you can hear the chime as you grab a star
Moreover, the sound can also help you maintain a steady rhythm when bouncing the duck.

In summary, you will struggle to get through every obstacle by tapping on your device to make the duck fly and you have to avoid the mountains to level up into higher
Every time you pass the gap successfully, you will be rewarded with score

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