Gold Score Cheats Flappy Golf for iPhone

In flappy golf game, all you will do is to flap left or right so that you can get to the hole in as few flaps as possible while getting gold, silver or bronze stars upon completion.
Later on, you can unlock more levels that will be over 30 different tiers to choose from.

flappy golf tips

During the play, you will also have to avoid obstacles with any mean necessary
At this point, you can perch your ball on the wall with the sticky walls then flap in a completely different direction, upwards towards a hole.
You can also do the same with sand traps, which stop you completely and let you start from scratch.

If you get to some obstacles, like laser beams and water puddles, you have to avoid them as they will force you to start the game again.
Perhaps, you will want to use some to your advantage, either as a launching point or a resting spot where you can regain your momentum.

You can use momentum by flapping in a key direction multiple times, so that you will gain speed, which you can use to bounce off walls or slide off ramps to keep going.

And, when you want to flap in the opposite direction to counter-act your speed, you will get to a few crucial flaps, that will help you with your accuracy and guide where you want the ball to go.

This game will facilitate the flap button in which you can hit it to get a specific boost from your ball, so that you can get through a tiny gap and save yourself some flaps that come to a gold star for the stage.

In order to earn a gold star, you will need to use a specific trick on a level to get around using flaps, such as sliding down a wall or maneuvering your way to an otherwise out-of-reach portal.

Meanwhile, if you want to reach a great distance in a hurry without sacrificing too much, simply tap the left and right flap buttons in conjunction with one another as this will reach you the higher ledge or hole that you need to reach.

In addition, if you land on the green, simply tap left or right on the flap buttons to slide your ball forward so that you can move on and make a high score along the game.

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