How to Gain High Score in Flappy Wings Flyer on iPhone

In flappy wings flyer game, you will guide the little bird passing through each pipe as well as getting score as high as possible
Here, you will simply tap the screen to flap slightly upward, and release to let the bird fall so that if you can do everything well you will be rewarded with the highest score.

flappy wings flyer guides

Anyway, every pipe in this game will get much closer together and the screen scrolls slightly slower, so this circumstance will give you enough time to adjust.
Furthermore, playing this game will test your skill as you will have to keep sharp eye on your bird’s movements and every pipe gap ahead

While playing your practice runs, try to remember exactly how far your bird rises with each flap.
In line with this, its movement will be fairly limited, so all you will do is to tap lots of times to gain significant altitude.
Throughout the game, finding and sticking to a rhythm will be your main key to pass through the game between one pipe and another.

According to this, when staring your new run, you can try to bounce up and down on the pillar in the background in order to find a comfortable rhythm.
Note that you can deviate from this rhythm when you need to climb or fall quickly.
During your guidance toward that bird, remember not to try to enter the gaps from above that will come likely to crash the bird.

For such reasons, you have to control how quickly you climb and move forward.
In order to maintain control, fall below the gap and climb back up so that you will flap just above the bottom of the gap.

In addition, during your flight, you must consider about its corners and edges in that even brushing the edge of the gap one way or another will trigger a crash of the bird.

Because of this, you can try aiming to have a little bit of space on either side of your bird
And when you are passing through a gap, try not to flap in the middle of one on the screen.

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