How to Get The Highest Score in Flappy Wings for iPhone

In flappy wings, you must guide your bird to fly through pipes to achieve a high score that you can do by flapping your wings and flying then dodging the colored walls and pipes carefully

flappy wings tips

Anyway, the highest possible score in the game is 5,000, and only a few people in the top players list who get to that level.
Note that your bird falls extremely quickly in this game once you let go of the screen.

For such reason, if you are going from a high pipe to a low pipe, time your fall so that you will get a good distance after you pass the high pipe, rather than having it happen too early and crashing into the pipe at that time.
On the other side, if the BPM strategy is hard to figure out, you can try to let your bird fall a little bit below the opening of the next pipe

Afterward, you can bounce back upward just in time to make it through the opening.
At this point, your bird will be much easier to control when bouncing upward slowly.

After you die a few times, you will meet a popup saying that you can unlock all birds if you rate the game and you will get all of the different bird colors.

Meanwhile, you will get one coin for every point to get.
Furthermore, you can try bouncing at around 100 BPM to keep your bird on an even course, or find a good song rhythm to put in your head for bouncing the bird.

In line with this, you can also bounce your bird to the beat of the song, and make adjustments for the pipes in order to get score high.
You can also try to aim for the bottom half of the coin inside each pipe for your bounces, or to stay on the same horizontal path while making small adjustments as needed.

This game will provide you a number of different trophies in which you will get a steel trophy with 10 points and bronze trophies with 20 points, silver at 30 points, gold at 40 points and platinum one with 50 points.
Thus, always practice different tricks when play8ing this game so that you can maximize your chance at earning them.

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