Lives Cheats in Fly Birdie Flappy Bird Flyer for iPhone

In fly birdie flappy bird flyer game, try to keep birdie on the air while getting through some pipes with one-touch control system
To do this, you must keep a good rhythm in order to get through each of the pipes easily.

fly birdie flappy bird tips

Meanwhile, you must focus on your move when trying to get through that pipes in which since they are wider apart, you will get a gap to walk away
Note that you will still collide into them on the top and bottom.
Therefore, you must try to stay in the center as closely as possible.

During the play, pay attention to your time that you spend on your flight rather than counting the pipes you fly through
For such reasons, you will consider to go for further while also thinking few pipes available on each stage that you have to go through
Just calm down when playing it so that you can rack up a huge time record.

The important thing during the play is try to remember where your bird is positioned where it is yellow, and usually located in the center of the screen.

Optionally, some additional lives will be available for you to continue your run and get through every pipe around the screen.
However, you can still play with the lives in each stage in which each time you run through, you will have three lives to play this game.

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