Nectar Cheats FlyByon iPhone

In FlyBy is an endless runner, where you will fly in mid-air on a bright sunny day while avoiding bumble-bees and bubbles and sunbeams then help guide Oli through treacherous environments full of aggressive plants in order to gather up all of that succulent nectar as much as he can.

flyby points tips

At the beginning of the game, you select the traffic congestion to suit your preferred excitement level that will vary from calming relaxed cruising to highly exciting drive.
Then you start flying in which you will have to use the accelerometer to change flying direction.

Along the game, you should avoid bumble-bees, in which when they hit you, it costs you points and causes condensation and moss to grow on windshield.
If there is too much moss, 3 pieces on the windshield, the game is over.

However, hitting bubbles will earn you 2 points and missing them costs you 1 point.
Rainbow on a bubble signifies that you are about to break your best score if you hit it.
Flying through sunbeam clears the windshield in that condensation dries up and moss falls off, also if your result is negative, it will reset to zero points.

To play this game, there are two methods of controlling your character.
First method is by tapping anywhere on the screen and your character will immediately fly to that spot in that tapping causes the current tilt to be assumed as the straight flight direction.
So try not to use this method as it is not viable once the game gets going

On the other side, the screen gets really cluttered the longer you survive, and tapping to move is too inaccurate for the kind of precision you want to have.

Second method is by tapping and dragging your character so that it will automatically follow ahead of your finger.
you can use this method, because it gives you enough accuracy to dodge and weave out of dangerous situations on air.

Having some upgrades will really help you earn some nectar fast
The first Magnet upgrade costs 1000 nectar and it makes the magnet last from 5 second to 10 seconds, which is a substantial upgrade.

Meanwhile, you have to save nectar for the first unlockable character, Boris, not counting Toasty.
Boris has a 25% chance of reviving upon defeat and it costs 2500, so purchase him first before you buy any power up upgrades.

Thorny Vine are the most common obstacle, and they are easy to avoid.
They come in three flavors so just stick out of the wall and point straight, stick out of the center and point either towards the left or right, or stick out of the center and point straight up.
You simply maneuver around them as they are completely stationary.

Watch out for Chomper Flowers as they will periodically take a bite in the direction they are facing and they also bite in approximately 2-3 second intervals
Therefore, once you see them, take a bite, then you see that the path is clear ahead of them, that will get yo to dash through quickly.

These purple cannon flowers are packing heat and these seemingly normal flowers will fire out deadly green goop straight ahead of them every couple of seconds.
Thus, once you know the coast is clear above the flowers wait for them to shoot then zoom past them as fast as you can.

Pitcher Blinders are not directly dangerous, but they can still lead you into an untimely death in which when you see these guys spawn on the sides, they will shoot out a glob of goop at the screen, temporarily blinding you on that respective side of the screen.

The goop goes away rather quickly so it is not too much of a hindrance, but always stay alert and proceed with caution when you get gooped.
Furthermore, Road Blocks are much like the thorny vines as they are completely stationary
Moreover, they are sometimes set it up in long horizontal patterns.
So try to swing around them in order to avoid them safely.

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