Coins Card Deck Cheats Football Heroes iPhone

In football heroes game, all you will do is to take part in the game then try to win each match-up to some coins bucks while completing certain objectives, such as using power-ups, completing a certain amount of passing yards or making three or more touchdowns during a contest.

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Once gathering those coins, you can use them to bump up your skills so that you will easy beat the other player in a match.

In the way of improving your team, you have to upgrade your players as you move through the single player mode in that it will be your assets to make further progress.

For such reasons, you can purchase players through the Items sub-menu with your coins.
There, you will find a number of available players with special abilities, such as the ability to perform a group-clearing jump kick, a strong rookie or a more talented quarterback, among others.

Besides, you will be allowed to have the best players through Decks.
These decks consist of cards featuring players, boosts and other assets that you can add to your collection, including Player and Combo Decks.

Selecting the decks will be a good way as you will get more for your buck that can power your team for having a specific skill.
Moreover, you will have better squad by adding new key players and leveling up them through some match.

Having Receivers will see an increase in a number of areas, including punch damage, block, catch, run route and they have a bomb that they can leave behind, which devastates any pursuing defensemen.

Meanwhile, with a quarterback in your squad, it will improve throw distance, speed, accuracy and spiral to make a better performance on the field as the quarterback can obtain a fire pass, which speeds up the flow of the play more than usual, and also makes it more likely for your receiver to catch the ball.

In addition, offensive players will really have the best batch of power-up moves as they can do everything from a spin punch to a flaming Hadouken-style Street Fighter uppercut to a powerful grand slam, which levels any rival players in their zone.

Thus, when you have the ball, try not to go around a defender, but rather to punch him until he is knocked down or dive to tackle them.

Such power ups can take out multiple players with a huge punch, provide a burst of speed, teleport the quarterback around.
After having some matches, you will earn experience and a bunch of coins as bonus reward.

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