Credits Fame Cash Cheats Football Seasons for iPhone

When playing football seasons makeitapp game, you can get free credits by posting your codes on the Facebook that you can use them to unlock all the cards herein

football seasons tips

For such reasons, all you have to do is simply to connect the game with your Facebook account then post your code on the Facebook wall or use your code for new players

Because of doing that action, you can earn 50 credits for every new player that you get to join
Moreover, you will also be rewarded with a one time 50 credits bonus if you insert the code other than yours in the same “Earn” section.

In order to find your invite code, just hit the “Earn” button in the main menu so that you will earn a few credits for logging in daily or winning trophies.

Furthermore, you can gather free credits by sharing your code with others and either bringing in new players or using codes of other players to earn some of them.

You will be given with 7 cards in your deck and the way you train them can make the difference between losing and winning at the end of the season.
None of them have the “Team Play” bonus that allows you to draw a new card from your deck after playing your card.

To get your cards stronger, train for 4 of your cards generally, the low strength ones that you will play just to get new cards.
And train 2 of them with Reputation for the extra dollars and fame then your last card, one with a strength of at least 2 must get the strength treatment so that it will be your power card for starters.

In line with this, just make sure that you have enough cards that allow you to draw a new one from the deck or you will have too many cards but being unable to play them.

Once collecting enough cash, spend your remaining cash at the end of the season
Before the last set of the seasons, simply spend any cash you might have for fame.
For example, you can pay 10 cash for 1 fame.

Your winning points will be determined by fame gain
According to this circumstance, every match has the potential of earning you some fame.
So the more fame you can win, the tougher the opponent you will meet in later match.

Because of this, the early stages in the Champions groups will illustrate a 1 fame will be easily defeated with 4-5 strength while for 2 fame is with 6 strength.
In the league, you will play types of game that will be the small matches against regular opponents and the big matches.

Therefore, you have to focus on the Big matches as opposed to getting the most points from the small matches whereby big matches will not only allow you to get 3 points for winning, but it will give you a nice boost of fame as well.
Thus be sure that you do not go too low to lose fame

Before playing in the big matches, you should unlock all cards in a pack at once since it is cheaper than unlocking them one by one.
Once getting money cash, try purchase Sauna card in Equipments as it is a cheap and good card
On the other side, the Leader, Vet and Charming are great cards, and the Fans cards like the Supporters and Journalist are also great.

In addition, if you got a really bad draw, you are be able to use the Shuffle cards button in the settings menu so that you will restart the game with a new draw for participating in any match.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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