Baked Goods Cheats in Bread Kittens on iPhone

In bread kittens game, you can try to catch a cat by throwing bread at it, and trap its head in the load of bread that you throw.
Here, you must also collect feral cats by capturing them with bread, leveling them up and saving the world eventually.

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After getting a battle with other cats, your cat or cats will eventually run out of hit points and have to rest to refill the hit points. However you can get your cat hit pints refilled fast so that your cat will be ready for the next stunt

Simply go to your phone device time and date settings
You have to set the time ahead by about an hour or more based upon how high their maximum hit points are.
Afterward go to the game again

Now your cat hit points will be completely filled up again.
Remember that after the hit points has been filled up you have to go back to the time and date settings again

You have to set the time back to normal time as it was.
Just go back to Bread Kittens game to check the hit points that you recovered in the process of doing this cheat will remain recovered.
Always keep doing so when running out your cat hit points.

You can invite friends without using your Facebook or Twitter as platforms to post about this game all of the time
Simply go to the Apple app store and look for Bread Kitten game.
Afterward go to the reviews of the game
While reading review of this game you can look for people who have put their facebook, twitter, email or SMS into the game.
By doing so you can invite them but do not put your personal info in as well.

Every players will have to use their cats to battle the feral creatures then weakening them so that they can be captured.
Go capturing those feral creatures via “breading them” by throwing a piece of bread at them in order to get them caught up in it.

In order to do combat between your cats and the feral creatures you can slide left to right and tap it in the middle of the screen in order to strike the hardest blow.

Just bake loaves and other baked items in order to boost your cats’ defense and attack based skills.
This can take a little time but if you want to speed up you can spend real money for in-app purchases to get some items.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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