How to Get XP Points in NFL Pro 2013 iPhone

In nfl pro 2013 game, you can get daily bonus by following these steps
Go to iphone setting
Go to date and time setting

NFL Pro 2013 Cheats

Just set or change the date to one day ahead
Get back to the game again

Now you should have a chance of getting a daily bonus to collect and do free chance
Go back to settings but do not reset the proper date you have already made

Try to change the date another day ahead from the previous one to get the next days bonus
Always move the days up one at a time to earn new next bonus everyday

Always upgrade your quarterback’s passing accuracy and distance first at the beginning of the game.
Remember that the ability to make big plays consistently will give you both more touchdowns and also more experience points or xp points.

When being on defence try to move around the players to new positions before the ball is snapped.
Always adjust your team’s positioning if you already picked the wrong line-up to counter your opponent’s play.

Upgrade your strength in order to to break tackles more easily then make sure to make your running backs as strong as possible by passing the others player and even make a touchdown for your team.

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