Boost Cards Cheats in Marvel War of Heroes iPhone

In marvel war of heroes game, you must try getting rare cards to complete missions
In order to get free ultimate cards pack just try to do the following instructions

Marvel War of Heroes Cheats

Go to your My Page daily
Just keep checking your new assignment notifications in order to collect more free Ultimate Card Packs so that you can summon your rare heroes for free.
Remember that those ultimate cards will also end up going to your present list instead of your roster, so all you have to do is just go to the present list then claim everything that you earn.

Try to choose opponents with experience levels are somewhat lower than yours, though, as they are more likely to have fewer rare cards than you and lower mastery levels than you.

Just fight people with the lowest amount of defense points as you use only enough attack points to match them, rather than your entire stock of points

By doing so you can battle multiple times in a row before you have to recover, and also you can collect quickly multiple different types of resources as much as possible.

Always make sure to use fusion and boosts low power requirement cards to get the most powerful cards as against people with low defense points will cause your cards with a lesser power requirement to be put into battle.

Try to allocate your ability points to attack power and energy so that you will have longer periods of time in the missions and battles while gaining levels.

Just remember to ignore defense power as this is the important of the three abilities especially if you have a rare card or two with a small number of required points.

If you want to gain levels quickly just do more maximum energy and attack so that you will also get more ability points.
Also note that when fusing a card, it will become more rare and have much better stats.

You will have to complete various tasks given to you as you progress so that you can collect XP to be used to make your deck even more powerful one.
Just try to complete a mission in order to have a chance of receiving XP points and Silver awards.

In order to complete missions successfully just pay attention in these following guides
You will need to spend energy to accomplish the missions

Just complete the mission till having much more energy first but if your energy is insufficiently to do so just wait it until your energy is full enough.

Most missions only require a few energy so it will not take long to do.
When completing the mission try to keep pushing Attack until you have completed it as denoted by the progress bar just above the attack button so that you will receive your rewards as a bonus such as new cards containing heroes characters like a Sandman card or any of them.

Just try to use duplicates or lesser cards to boost some of your powerful cards to be a better cards.
Besides boosting your cards you can also do the ability to fuse cards under the “Fusion” menu.

In this way you can fuse two same cards to make that card more powerful just as you can with boosting. Although, fusing two of the same cards will make a more powerful card than the Boost option.

Just invite your friends to get the rewards such as a Black Widow card, silver and more and your friends will also receive bonuses by entering in your code.

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