Cars Nitrous Cheats in Need for Speed Most Wanted iPhone

In need for speed most wanted game, be sure stay alert of the police as they can steer your vehicle into guardrails and further impede your progress with spike strips and roadblocks.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Cheats

So do your best to get bothersome cops off your tail by performing takedowns such as ramming police into oncoming trucks or cars, and slamming into their cruisers at high speeds.
By Doing so you will get nitrous for your efforts, which leads to our next tip.

In order to activate it, swipe the screen then brace yourself for the speed boost, and try to use it while traveling through straightaways while not careening around turns.

Before going to a race, you have to add upgrades or mods to your car or SUV that may make all the difference between winning and losing.
Reinflating Tires is worth $1,000 so that you can protect against police spike strips by using it.
Impact Protection is worth $1,000 so that the body hardened to protect against impacts.
Nitrous Refuel is worth $2,500 in that it will refuel nitrous more efficiently.
Power Pack is worth$3,000 in which the engine tweaks increase top speed.

Always try to get on the lookout for branching paths when doing a race.
Note that flying off a ramp will move your car one or more positions ahead of the competition.

Pay attention in the mini-map on the left side of the screen to have a great way to stay alert of other vehicles including cops cars.

Try to do these following guides and tricks to play need for speed most wanted game android
Just tilt or touch and swipe from the Options menu to change controls of the game.
Just switch to MPH and KPH from Options.
Try to complete objectives to earn Speed Points.
Look at the Driver Details screen to check your progress.
Get speed points to transfer from console to mobile.

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