Coins Mojo Cheats in Party Place iPhone

In party place game, you can get coins for free by having a party, and interact with people in either friendly, mean or romantic ways, and cause drama both good and bad drama.

Party Place Cheats

Do whatever to throw a party so that it will give you a chance of earning coins freely
After having coins from that you can build up your mojo again and start buying new stuff for your house so that you can be ready for the next party

After purchasing an item it will take 12 hours for something to be delivered, but it will be done quickly by following these tricks
Simply go to your device’s date and time settings
Set the time 12 hours ahead or more
Now you will get the item delivered immediately.

Note that after going back to the game just open the new item fast as the counter will reset itself on its own.
When doing this everything that you are currently waiting for will take even longer to wait for unless you shut down the app and then reopen it again.
By doing so everything will be back to normal then try to do the trick again.

You have to fill up the checklist of various types of drama as quickly as you can when you are throwing a party
Just use one mojo apiece on everyone and then have them cause drama with each other, or cause drama with them using your character.
Remember to spend only one mojo per character in order to start another party much more quickly because you will have mojo left over.

If that tips take long time to get mojo you can try these following tricks as well
Just go to your phone date and time settings
Set the time 20 minutes ahead or more minutes
Then collect mojo by watching the TV that you start the game
You can try to repeat the trick over again to have more mojo in this game
Note that not to do tricks the time too much in which the game will revert itself.

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