Coins NOS Cheats in Extreme Road Trip 2 on iPhone

In extreme road trip 2 game, you must get coins as much as possible to unlock new car
You can get extra coins by watching some adverts if you want to get an extra chunk of change in your pocket.

Extreme Road Trip 2 Cheat

Go the main menu and hit the button marked ‘Free Crate’ and watch away.
Keep doing so more often to have more coins freely.
Note that try to connect with friends via Facebook to have a chance of getting some in-game currency

In this game you will be given a limited amount of fuel in your tank to start every trip.
So just get gasoline to your car by following these tips
Try to collect more fuel by picking up the red fuel canisters which are littered along the road.
Try to balance your massive jumps with slamming down to get more gas quickly.

When getting down on the ground to collect some coins or put some fuel in the tank, hitting both of the buttons simultaneously will bring you crashing downwards.
So that always stay alert of your fuel meter and try to get your car back to earth as soon as possible

Remember that when your ghosted friends interfere your concentration on the race-track, just go to the options menu from the main screen and tap on the Ghosts symbol to get it disappeared.
However if you want them to re-appear, tap on the icon again.

In order to notice the mission progress and to know which cars you have maxed out during the missions just read some steps
Go to the car list section of the menu.
In the top right of each car icon
From there the percentage of progress you have made in that particular vehicle will be visible.

In order to get you nitrous worked in this game just try to do these following guides
Try to land as cleanly as possible on the road after a leap.
Always land with all four wheels on the ground to have a much bigger speed boost

Remember that before starting a race all you have to do is just choose from a selection of different upgrades. Here’s the low down on what each one does.

Try to get these items for your equipment during having a trip on the road
Nitrous can is the rocket fuel that will give you a much quicker start to the race.
Just be careful with those early jumps as you can easily spin yourself out of control.

Coin Symbol
In the coin symbol you have to select the central coin symbol to double the number of coins you can collect.

Coin Magnet
Try to get your car equipped with this item so that any coins nearby will automatically flow towards you and leave you free to concentrate on your aerial aerobatics.

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