Coins Cheats in Fieldrunner 2 on iPhone

In fieldrunner 2 game, you can get more coins to purchase powerful towers and single use items, like mines.

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The higher You have to struggle to reach the highest score in order to receive more coins.
Try to defeat more enemies to get a higher score so that it will give a chance of collecting more coins.

After beating a level, you will be lead into the option to “like” our Facebook page in exchange for 250 coins.

All you have to do is just click “like us” so that you will be given 250 coins as a bonus reward.
Thus beat enemies as much as possible to get more chances to earn more coins in this game

After beating a level, a button will pop up to guide you to Tweet your score.
All you have to do is just tweet your score in order to receive 100 coins as a reward.
You can Tweet your score every 24 hours for coins.

Another way of getting more coins is to play in Twist Of Fate Grasslands 1 on Endless so you will get a chance to earn a lot of coins.

Try to use Gas Towers and Pyro Towers in Home On Derange Grasslands 4 to get combos in big so that long levels including Home on Derange will give you about 500 coins each play.

In order to earn 500 coins again you can try to play in Bizarre Bazaar Drylands 2 level.
Try to loop enemies under and over the bridge in the middle of the map. Then get this bridge surrounded with Gas Towers and Pyro Towers in order to create a death trap that cranks out combos.

Playing Time Trial maps on the Heroic difficulty setting is a quick and it will be the other way to earn a good amount of coins.

You have to increase your collection of stars in order to unlock additional deadly towers in the game.
With having a lot of coin rewards, more stars are awarded for completing missions on harder difficulty settings.

Combos are when you kill multiple fieldrunners with a single attack.
Try using towers that do AoE or area of effect attacks in order to get combos.

These AoE Towers are Ice Tower, Missile Tower, Flamethrower, Hive Tower, Radiation Tower, Laser Tower and Nuke Tower.

Place AoE towers near any area that enemies are running in loops around bridges, tunnels or your own towers to keep the enemies in range of the AoE towers longer than if they were walking straight by so that it will give you tons and tons of combos.
You can even more combos by adding slow towers to the area as well.

Try to use the Gas Tower, Pyro Tower and Ice Tower simultaneously to have devastatingly effective combos.
Use The Ice Tower for slowing enemies down and bunching them up then hit with the Gas Tower and Pyro Tower’s AoE attacks.

You have to attach a Power Tower to an AoE tower in order to increase the amount of damage and combos the AoE tower does.

Note that only one tower is connected to the Power Tower as since its damage bonus is divided by however many towers are connected to it.

You have to upgrade Laser Towers to level 3 in order to boost their damage to a more useful amount.
Just build your maze so that the enemies will have to walk through narrow corridors that span the length of the map.

Afterward place the Laser Tower at the end of this corridor to fire an attack that blasts through every enemy in its path so that you will get huge combos.

Stack another Laser Tower behind the first tower to increase your chances of getting big combos as well.
Use this strategy in early on in Time Trial levels played on Heroic of this game.

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