Coins Potions Eggs Cheats in Destinia on iPhone

In destinia game, you can get free eggs by following these tips
With this tricks a rare/magic/normal egg in your backpack and some space for the eggs can be multiplied in quantity with a little patience.

Destinia Cheats

You have to download and install diskaid into your phone
Just start the game, when you have the egg you want to multiply, save the game but do not hatch the egg

Now connect you phone Idevice to the PC.
Search for destinia under apps.
If your files are invisible, click on the diskaid menu>preference>advance tab> select show root path and show hidden files.

After being in destinia now click on documents
By doing so you should see 4 files.
Save0, Save1, Save2
Gunner/Thief/whos the other guy
Just make a back up of the save files

Try to open the game on the Idevice in your phone ipod touch iphone or ipad
Just go to multi-mode>> your character>> Mailbox

After doing so you should have the egg and gold as a reward
Quit the game by clicking the home button twice then keep the Destinia Icon pressed, when seeing the red icon click it

Afterward go back to your computer and delete the saved file, and load the copy from your PC
Now try to go to the mail box
As a result you should see the eggs as a bonus or gift
Remember that you need Game Id to get this gift the Eggs and stuff so note them

To get infinity mediocre potions supply in this game, just follow this trick
Look at the crafting menu after you have the two dusts required to make them, go to potions and select “Mediocre HP/MP Potion”
This will show the crafting action as it does whenever you craft something.

Note that not to deplete if you figure out your supplies in which this will allow you to create an infinite supply.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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