Credits Coins Cheats Soldier VS Alien on iPhone

Soldiers vs Aliens will bring you to battle with a whole bunch of nasty and dangerous aliens, most of which look like something you find in a nuclearized Manhattan sewer drain.

Soldier VS Alien on iPhone

Your goal here is to use a whole range of weapons and armor to take down all of these aliens.
Credits or coins are your main source of currency.

While it can often be difficult to get what you need in order to get an upgrade that you want or need, its certainly not impossible.
Here is how to get more of them!

Tips to get unlimited free coins in soldier vs alien game
Just go to the main menu
And hit the credits button.
Spot the actual in game credits.
Hit the Shop button at the top of the screen.
See all kinds of equipment such as guns and gun upgrades that you can buy.
Do not purchase those equipments then go down to the lower right corner of the screen to find a + CREDITS button.
Tap that credit points to lead you a menu to add credits
Notice that there will be two buttons for free credits.
Free credits for watching videos.

Try to go to the offer Come back to Tapjoy or Sign up for Tapjoy
Just complete that offer to go to Tapjoys site with many more offers that will give you free credits.
Go to Tapjoy by hitting the visit tapjoy button at the bottom of the screen as well.
All of the Tapjoy offers will be for downloading some kind of app for free then using it.
Also, try to play survival mode over and over to get a bunch of credits.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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