Crystals Gems Coins Cheats in Temple Run Oz iPhone

In temple run oz game, you must try collecting more crystals and coins freely by investing in the double coins
Doing so will cause double-value coins to appear much earlier in each run so that you can collect more cash quickly used to upgrade other areas and your abilities.

Temple Run Oz

You have to swipe in the correct direction when you come to a crossroads in order the balloon to be visible on the horizon so that you can take part in the balloon flight mini-game.
After reaching the balloon, just swipe upwards to catch the rope then crawl inside it.

When having a flight with the balloon you have to make sure not to hit the emerald crystals that sprout from the rocks in the sky.
Therefore you can take a few hits before your balloon is completely destroyed and you can go for coins.

Use the Magic Magnet to attract all coins on the playing field towards you
Using the Fireworks are good for distracting enemies
Collect Coin Bonus for an instant injection of cash on your run

Earn more Score Bonus to improve your score in line with your multiplier
Use the Shield to rescue you from one clumsy encounter
Use Finley’s Boost to race you ahead safely for a period of time.

Early on this game, you will have to deal with dynamic changes to the road layout, so always stay alert of what will happen next as you will jump over any appeared crumbling masonry or tree roots.

Try to switch to an entirely different environment altogether with following the correct directions at a crossroad, then keep running while waiting for the new environment meter getting filled up completely. By doing so you will keep a gem in the back, so if you stumble you can finish off the final few meters.

If an enemy swoops at you on the yellow brick road, try sliding beneath its grasp.
But do not do this too early, as you will stand up straight into it
You have to wait until the creature is almost touching you before ducking underneath it.

Simply jump up to get a key on the road and at the end of the run, you will have the chance to pick a music box at random and also have the chance of receiving a decent points or coin boost.
You can do this upgrade by heading into the game store with spending some of the coins have collected on power-ups and enhancements.

When an unbroken run of coins fills up your coin meter completely, you have to activate a temporary power-up with do a double-tap anywhere on the screen.
However do not use these power-ups when they are available.

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