Diamonds Golds Cheats Dueling Blades iPhone

Dueling Blades is a fantasy RPG combining hard core strategy elements with social network interactions online among players worldwide.
This game also offers dynamic combat gameplay against other online players while minimizing latency and hardware limitations of social network users.

Dueling Blades on iPhone

In this strategy game you will be allowed to crush your opponents using skill and strategy in a battle arena
You have to level up and advance your fully customizable 3D character with skills, rare armor sets, weapons and 7 classes including Ninja, Samurai and Knight.

You can fight against opponents such Bandits, Pirates, and the Undead whom threaten the peaceful village of Willowsbrook in 1 vs 1 strategic combat mode online then rise up in the Ranking System.

Try to raise your weapon against the tyranny of the corrupted kingdom in the single player challenges.
Just duel your friends or match up against similarly skilled opponents via the balanced matching system.

You can choose their progression path with several branching classes, skills, and equipment which can be unlocked through regular gameplay as well purchased through the various shops in game.
All you have to do is try to win every battle to get some rare items such as AP recharges, AP increases and skill redistribution potions.

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