Diamonds Cheats in Death Dome iPhone

In death dome game, just get more skulls and death diamonds from the bank
To get free diamonds, just follow these steps

Death Dome Cheats

Just play Glu Mobile’s games daily to get free diamonds and complete a variety of real world objectives, such as the following tips

Just like a fan page of Death Dome on Facebook in order to earn 2 Diamonds for free
Just sign up for Netflix in order to have 340 Diamonds for free
Just sign up for AARP in order to get 163 Diamonds for free
Just subscribe to Disney Movie Club in order to receive 408 Diamonds for free

Remember when you die, just use a revive to top off your health, shield then keep your accumulated Skulls safe and sound, at least until you die again.

Try to upgrade the game’s hero, Phoenix in this game in order for outfitting her with the best weapons, shields and armor.
Afterward always check an item’s Power Level to see where you stand.
It is because the game will tell you know if the enemies are stronger than Phoenix before letting you proceed.

Just do some equip charms These tiny keepsakes imbue Phoenix with a bonus stat.
The Nickel Ring will boost XP, while Metal Shavings lets her earn more Skulls.
You can also equip two charms at one time, but you have to buy the ability to carry a second.

In order to get free daily bonus in this game just do these following guides
Return each day to score free loot, be it Skulls, an Armor Bonus, Damage Bonus, Critical Bonus or the best gift of all, free Diamonds.

Before a fight begins, you get a few seconds to uncover hidden loot by tapping areas on the screen.
Take full advantage of this, as you stand to gain Skulls, Diamonds and health.

Time your defense perfectly to leave an enemy vulnerable and open to attack.
Finish a fight hardly to get more bonus XP points.

Search for red rings on an enemy to perform a stab attack.
Purchase the Skull Doubler to permanently double your Skull income.
Doing the perfect defenses will give the most Flux.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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