Donuts and Instarams in Smash Cops Heat Cheats for iPhone

In smash cops heat game, you can get donuts for free by scanning around the stage as you go so that you can find all of the donuts locations such as in stage of the cone challenges at the right alongside the road.

Smash Cops Heat Cheats

In order to beat the cone challenge courses without hitting a cone you have to start your turns very early and do a very sideways drift through all of the turns.

Remember that your car should be going completely sideways through the turn, but you should also be straightening out the wheel smoothly enough that you follow the camera back to its right position and are able to stay in a straight line yourself.

You can also collect one piece of the donut, then replay the stage and collect two more.
But if you want to collect all three of those donuts you can play the stage three different times, one per go.

You will get a reward of a special bonus car if you get every single donut on every single stage.
You can unlock more cars after completing stage by stage in this game.

In order to get more Super Cops and InstaRams you can do these following tricks.
Simply go to the store tab then buy more of instarams and supercops from the store.
Just follow through Twitter via the game, or subscribe on Facebook via the game so that you can have a chance of getting one of each instarams and supercops.
Try to complete any of the challenge stages within the specified time limit to get instarams and supercops as bonuses.

In this game you can earn 5 possible stars in each stage, and your character has many different ranks that he can acquire over time.
You have to finish the stage in a quicker amount of time to get star and increase ranking
Try to finish the stage with less damage done to your car and with the highest amount of suspect arrests that you can get

It only happens if you are playing a stage where extra suspects are chasing you to protect the main suspect, or time attack stages where you are being chased. As a reward you will get bronze, silver, and gold rankings in time, damage taken and suspects arrested.

You can try to play a stage with multiple cop cars and your car chasing the suspect so that you will get one extra free star if you do not destroy any cop cars in the process of beating the stage.

After getting those stars you can unlock new levels with 4 new levels each time you get a certain number of stars.
Check firstly how many stars you need to unlock a particular car in the garage menu.
The Reaper car can be unlocked if you get 25 Donuts that will be one donut is 3 donut pieces in one stage.
A racing car, the Hornet, can only be unlocked in the app store, and even then it is only for 5 mission.

Try to increase your rank by getting more stars when completing every stage.
During playing and completing stage the game will tell you how many more stars that will needed to finish ranking up
Based upon this circumstance you have to work on collecting the required number of stars in order to do so.

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