How to Evolve Rare Cards in Gangster Wars iPhone

In gangster wars game, you must complete quests and battle against other players and their individual mobs for turf dominance, money and power.
You must also try winning the battle against mobsters who are represented on various trading cards that you pick up throughout the game and not with lower level henchmen.

Gangster Wars Cheats

If you shut the game off and then go back to it later, the next step in the tutorial will conflict with the daily reward so that the game will brick as nothing will be clickable.

When equipping your cards “your crew” will get also equipped with any weapons, armor, vehicles and whatever else that you have available at the time.
Doing this will increase both the attack and defense power of cards in your party, but you will only go and equip them manually.

You have to spend a small amount of cash to buy 10 Streetz Jackson cards from the shop if you have a good space that needs to get filled and need a card to do it.

After having those Streetz Jackson cards you can take one of those then start evolving it until it hits the maximum level.
By doing so it will increase a high amount of defense in order to protect your cash and to have pretty good attack power.
When in this level you can buy 10 Wild West guns as well.

After equipping everyone you can go to fight in the battle area and start knocking off as many battles as you can in a short period of time.
By doing so you will level up and recover all of your stamina to prepare for the next action.
If you do faster to move your rank up you will get the more prizes as well.

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