Gas Joules Cheats in Battle Bears Royale iPhone

In order to get free gas cans without offerings money or purchasing in battle bears royale, you can apply these steps
Click get free gas to show up some apps there
Try to download Rock The Vegas application.

Battle Bears Royale Walkthrough

Click on the app and wait for the app to finish loading.
Remember as you have to use that app for a few seconds occasionally to get gas.
Then go back to battle bears royale game.
Play the game and save up.
Now you should have some 500 gas cans or even more if you are lucky.

To get gas can in this game, just follow these steps
Use the offer wall a lot or purchase the gas with real money via the iTunes store.
Get some gas from the daily bonuses
Just sign in daily and wait 5 days to get 3 gas
Try to download every gas app daily to get the Armour +2 and the Turkish SW Boots.
Get free gas without downloading a free app with tapping on “like us on Facebook”, but don’t sign in to Facebook and like them. All you have to do is tap it then click the X in the corner to get the joules.

To get free joules in this game, you can apply these steps
Try to get 15 kill streaks to get a lot of joules
Keep saving up while trying to get 20 kill streaks.
So that it will win over 10000 in 1 game.

Remember if you keep playing and don’t buy anything, the joules will increase quickly.
Get 100 gas and trade it for Jules in order to have 300000 Joules.

Try to buy 750 gas cans with your credit card and trade 100 gas cans for 300,000 joules
Try to use soldier or demo and get melee or explosions in order to get 30000 joules

Follow also these some tips
Buy capital pains
Save for Daydreamer
Use armor or damage

You can get 300,000 energy coins in this game, by following these steps
Purchase the Medium Gas Tanker such as like $4.00 then go to trade that has cans and trade for the bottom one in order to get 300,000 and have 50 gas tanks left over.
Just save your money no matter what.
If you want a skin make a choice to get it or save money then get it later.
Pick a person you are good at like huggable, Oliver, riggs, demo.
Try to kill the other team and kill them when they respawn
Get the joules boost like 150 joules by doing so
If you see the joules boost in the sky on a map just go on the ship in front you and see a jump pad

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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