Gems Gold Cheats in Skylanders Lost Islands on iPhone

In skylanders lost islands game, you can try to earn enough gems so that you can buy skylanders outright from the game.

Skylanders Lost Islands Cheats

When purchasing a Skylanders toy you can have an access to enter the Web Code that comes with it into the game.

Just activate Bluetooth on your device then connect your Portal of Power to import creatures directly into the game.

By doing so make sure that Bluetooth on your phone is enabled firstly from the device Settings screen. Then turn on the Portal of Power and hold down the sync button on the bottom of the unit.
Afterward tap Portal of Power when it appears as a Bluetooth option on your phone device.

If you have new Skylanders by only purchasing them using gems, just go to the game’s cash store to buy more gems for real money.
Note that the prices will vary between region, so check on your device to see how much these will cost.

Always make sure your Skylanders are out taking part in Adventures whenever possible.
You have to make an Adventure Balloon for each Skylander that will be sent out on an Adventure.
Try to get goals completed from the quest log
Try to clear out randomly occurring camps and invasions to have a bunch of of cash money for free

Remember that sending a Skylander out on an Adventure, or clearing out trouble from your land, it will need a certain amount of Energy.

Just make sure to have sufficient crop fields supply, in that they are always planted with an Energy crop
Try to mix up the different crop-growing timers to keep a steady flow of Energy coming in yours.
If you have a lot of gems available try to exchange them for Energy

You can level up quickly by following these steps
Just see those little castle icons popping up from your buildings
Just tap on these appeared icons to get a reward with experience points
Make sure to check into the game more often to tap away at these.
Get free XP by completing clearing space on your island.
Your skylanders need to earn Hero Points indicated by Skylander’s progress on their info bar.
So you can send a Skylander on an Adventure to have Hero Points for leveling up them.

Pay attention on the Goals screen in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and just complete some direction given in order to get rewarded with cash bonuses because of completing these objectives.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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