Gems Monster Cards Cheats in Dragon Island Blue on iPhone

In dragon island blue game, just claim your reward after completing every quest given to you during this game
Then, you must evolve and combine monsters cards to be the powerful one

Dragon Island Blue on iPhone

Just explore a massive world to hunt new monsters
You have to unlock new guild license from quests
Note that before you can catch a monster in the quest you must have a card to capture a monster.

To get some coins and gems in this game, you must complete each quest and defeat some monsters to have some gold coins for free
By completing the second quest you will earn gem and a golden egg
You have to defeat spirits monsters to get more gold coins as a reward in this game

In every quest it will give you a chance to get gem or eggs as a reward prize so that you have to focus on the quests and the words said by the other characters

After catching the monster in the first quest go to the Guild to claim your reward of a Silver Egg to take a lucky spin.
Try to beat spirit monster in every caves and dungeons in the third quest in order to get more Silver and Resistance Spirit Totem
In fourth quest you have to defeat the barbarian in the forest to get a silver egg as a reward
Try to beat a breeder Ivo on the beach to the north to earn Carnoraptor Recipe and silver egg

Just hunt and defeat some monsters in the forest for completing the second quests
In the guild of westeguard quest you have to hunt the Giant Ants located near a small house outside the town to get breeder’s license in the arena

Remember that sometimes the other characters you have defeated will give you some clues towards the next quests you will take and accomplish
In addition by defeating monsters or the opponents characters in this game they will give some rewards such as gems, gold coins or some golden and silver eggs as well

In order to insert gems, just go to “Hero” on the Town Map and select “Gems” and a tutorial about the Character Sheet will appear.
If you already have an Oval gem in your items you can now add them.

Once your done insert the gem try to enter “Skills” in Hero Management to see if you have “Points Free” that is located on the Upper left corner of the screen.

If you have points try to add them on your hero attributes by pressing the Plus or Minus sign on each attributes.
Once your done, you can now get your prize for the 3rd quest which is 480 Silver.

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