Gems and Score Cheats in Coaster Crazy iPhone

In coaster crazy game, you can thread your coasters through themed scenery and design custom paint-jobs to create the ride of a lifetime then upload to share with your friends and the world

crazy coaster guides

See how your creations stack up on the Coaster Crazy global leaderboards, and earn achievements.
Just trace your finger over the touchscreen to build and tweak any coaster you can imagine, in glorious 3D.

Try to unlock more special pieces, coaster cars and track types in order to have a chance of getting even more cash and gems, and meet the fiendish challenges posed by the Crazy characters in the game.

Try to make your coaster fast enough to get the speed freak surfing with delight
Try to keep G-forces low enough to prevent the Professor’s Nitro Glycerin from exploding
Try to beat a coaster score before the zombie starts infecting other passengers

To have more gems and cash in coaster crazy game all you have to do is creating the best one
You have to build the best design rollercoaster so you can unlock content and accelerate gameplay.
If your coasters do the successful rides you will automatically get cash to open parks and build for more rides.

Every coaster you made that meets the requirements will earn you some cash so that you can purchase more land to build more coasters
Thus just build as many coasters as you can to become the Coaster Crazy king

Try to build a rollercoaster which satisfies the picky tastes of your passengers
Try to create rollercoaster with fast, or safe, or cost effective in order to go through hoops, boast three drops, or have two seconds of air-time.

If you want to keep all of the stats in the optimal places and to earn a high score your rollercoaster riders have to be frightened but not so terrified in which they think the track is going to snap in half any second.

In order to test your rollercoaster you have made you have to sit through a lengthy rollercoaster test ride to see if your tweaks have made a difference.

Remember that you have to make adjustments to your design to get all of the Coaster Crazy objectives completed as all of these adjustments make your Crazies happy and also make money

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