Gems Coins Cheats in Skylanders Battleground on iPad

In skylanders battleground game, you can collect more gems by winning some battles, unlocking blue Treasure Chests, or leveling up your heroes.
In order to get more coins freely, you must beat up some more bad guys when playing this game to receive XP and AKA experience points as a reward

Skylanders Battleground

So you will have higher levels if having more those XP and AKA experience points
By having a lot of XP and AKA experience points you can defeat tougher opponents in this game
Just get coins from Treasure Chests and the Coin Store.

You have to play Skylanders Battlegrounds daily to receive some coins bonus for free but you must equip a character that matches the Element of the day.
Simply press the icon on the top right portion of the screen, then match the symbol with the correct Skylander in order to check the day’s Element.

If you are low on health potions you have to avoid unnecessary battles.
Before going to the battle you have to get Portal Master Powers firstly in the Item Shop which function as power-ups in the game.

In this item shop you will also find health potions, anvils to drop on enemies’ heads, dynamite, bombs and even a damage booster, among other useful things.

In order to win battle in this game, just move around during battle and leaving your Skylanders in one spot and just pelt enemies with ranged attacks
Simply tap the Skylander and drag a finger to some other location, and the creature will automatically move to that spot so that yo can avoid fire projectiles that will cause a ton of damage done by your enemies.

Try to use your special abilities including unleashig powerful attacks, while others healing both characters.
You have to defeat Mega Chompulon to unlock the next boss in skylanders battleground game

Try to unlock Royal Double Trouble at any time with your gems.
You have to get Blue Treasure Chest that is a special Treasure Chest containing gems.
So that you can claim the gem rewards by fighting your way and open up blue treasure chest

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