God Cards Cheats in Spartan Wars Empire of Honor iPhone

In spartan wars empire of honor game, you must upgrade your town to increase enough resources production
By doing so you can train your troops then send them out for battles against other cities

Spartan Wars Empire of Honor Cheats

Besides sending your troops to attack other city you can also engage in god battles between your god cards and the other guy’s god cards.
When invading other kingdoms you have to know firstly which troops are strong against which troops.

The troops in this game consist of axe, sword, and spear troops are all strong against each other and you have to concentrate more on the troops type you will battle with.

Archers are strong against swords.
Cavalry are strong against archers and axes.
Lancers are strong against archers and swords.
Axeriders are strong against archers and spears.
Use that strategy to have a victory in a battle and you can only send troops into battle based upon their skills.

Before doing anything you have to upgrade the city hall firstly so that you can use its higher level to unlock more buildings and upgrade levels.
It will be necessary to unlock the ability to build more cottages when leveling up all of your resource creation buildings to level 3 that needs 40 slaves per building.
In addition upgrading City Hall will allow you to build a higher maximum number of them.

Always remember not to claim your rewards until you really need them
After completing quests you will get free resources and soldiers for free but do not claim the quest rewards first or you are at risk of losing them as you do not need at the right time
Just claim your bonus rewards quest until you really need them for something including keeping soldiers happy, building something new, etc.

Just look around the world map to know if anybody has left their city.
If they leave their city it means their level will be high then you can visit their city to get free resource production facilities

You can do this because their power will be 0 in which their troops have been decimated by previous attackers.
However their resources never stop accumulating so that get hurry to take advantage of this to collect free resources for your city and troops.

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