Gold Baits Cheats in Fishing Superstars iPhone

In order to get more golds in fishing superstars game, you can follow these steps
Just set a new record for a certain fish to get a bonus amount of coins.

Fishing Superstars Cheats

Then, purchase all five types of C-bait first to attract smaller fish, and each different bait attracts different fish.
To set a new set of records just use all five of C-bait on each course.
Try to cast farther away from the water rings, then move closer to the water rings as well, so you can catch the bigger.

Get and move to the better baits once you fully exhaust all of the C-baits, then follow suit with the A-baits and the S-baits.
Make sure to train your character and upgrade her fishing rod in order to make it easier to catch fish more quickly.
Just upgrade to a B-bait and use that bait until it expires then catch bigger fish and sell them to earn more gold off of them.

To get more energy in this game, just follow these instructions
Use better baits to catch bigger fish to gain more experience points per energy expended.
Try to enter competitions and win some free S-bait and crowns if you are in the top of the ranks so you will still win large gold and energy prizes if you are in the top 1,000 total.

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